The oil wars

The more I get into researching the world of essential oils, the more disappointed I become with the bigger companies selling oils. It seems there really is a war between the biggest companies and the people who sell their products.  Everything I say here is just a matter of my own opinion of course, and I encourage you to do your own digging around.

The biggest red flag for me as far as the bigger companies go is that they have no control over the people selling their product. I could sell anyone these oils without any training or knowledge of what they can really do or not do. I have now seen “independent consultants” bickering or flat out fighting online over the quality of one product or the other. Some people seem to want to defend to the ends of Earth the product that they sell against all others. These big companies don’t seem to care whatsoever about quality control over what people are saying to get other people to buy their product. This would be one thing if it were tupperware, or bakeware. That it isn’t. What they are selling emphasizing heavily health benefits, and includes controversial suggestions of ingesting these products. In my mind a responsible company wouldn’t set someone like me up with a storefront to sell their product with my only qualification being that I spent enough money on their products to qualify.  I

To me, the truth is that there are all sorts of options and solutions out there for everyone. I’m glad that I started with one of the larger companies because I do feel that it is a quality product. I think what I bought is the assurance that what I’m using is of quality. What I’m going to do now is educate myself about anything that I use and possible effects that I might not be aware of.

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