Essential Oils

My induction into the world of essential oils came when I went to an oil sales party at work, more or less on a whim. The oils seemed pretty good and I was in need of something new to try to improve my health and happiness.  I bought one of the starter sets of oils and a diffuser and waited for them to arrive in the mail.

I seriously have been using essential oils every day since I got them. They have made such a positive impact on my life, if anything they give me cause to do something nice for myself and for my family. It’s also a nice little hobby to make little concoctions of wonder (some face soap perhaps, or a nice epson salt bath maybe). I would say that I was hyped up on the particular brand of oils that I purchased because they seemed to have had documentation that they were better than the rest. They were more expensive than some other brands, but I have always believed in paying for quality.

After reading this blog post from Everblossom on essential oils, I’m rethinking my strategy and will be trying other brands of oils in the future. I won’t need any for awhile, but it’s fun to look around at the different companies to see what they offer. If you are getting into oils, I would highly recommend reading that post to get a better understanding of how it all works.



It’s been over a month since I started using essential oils, pretty much on a daily basis. What I would want everyone to know about my experience is to do lots of research. There are many, many benefits to starting to use natural therapies and products. There is also a false sense of security that we can’t be sold things that will hurt us. Before using anything in or on my body I have been learning about the consequences it could have. For me, I have decided not to ingest essential oils at all. There seems to be well-educated proponents of being able to ingest oils safely, but the evidence of people having issues after doing it have caused me to stop.

I also am much more careful about diffusing oils around my pets. This isn’t something talked a lot about, but they are much more sensitive to the oils so I have either made the diffusions very week or just don’t diffuse when they are around (which is all of the time).

Oil Pulling:

I’ve been trying oil pulling. So for three days I have been pushing and pulling a tablespoon of coconut oil through my teeth. I do it while I unload the dishes from the dishwasher, feed the dogs, and do morning errands so the extra recommended 20 minutes goes by fully fast.

Like a lot of people, the first time was difficult and I felt a little nausea afterwards. I noticed during it that my sinuses were draining. So much that I had to spit out and restart several times. Now on the third day it’s not so bad. I’ve noticed that my teeth really are shinier and whiter already. Also, there isn’t as much pressure in my ears as I’m used to.

There isn’t any definite scientific support to it all, other than paying any attention to the health of your mouth is good. For me, it seems to be working. Tomorrow I’ll try adding tea tree oil in, it’s supposed to be really good at killing bacteria as well. I won’t use but a drop or two, and I feel like it’s reasonably safe since you don’t swallow the oil.




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