And now we have a plan…

I have to admit that the decision to drop everything and move back to the Midwest was fairly sudden in some ways. So the plans for what to do when we got here weren’t quite as solid as I would have liked. I jumped from my career in teaching music without a net, but landed a job as an executive assistant at a nonprofit that I can really stand behind, and one that I might be able to start a music program at.

It was honestly a pretty tough transition, in the way that graduating from one stage of a life to another is always going to be a transition, because you can never go back.

So, also my husband and I have come up with a 5-10 year plan of getting a place out in the country to keep a few horses and grow a nice garden. I’m super thrilled with that. We’d like to build out a shipping container home, and my only request is that the horses can come to the kitchen window and enjoy a morning carrot with me.

So next month we’ll start riding lessons, and from there I think we’ll make the deposit on a horse. I’m in love with the Gypsy Vanner horses, and we’ve found a farm that breeds them. We’re interested in getting one in utero, which by the time it is born and ready to ride, we’ll all be ready to go to the farm and enjoy that simple life.

It’s a plan, and a good one at that! Of course… now for the cutting back of expenses and saving up to make everything come true : )


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