Cats aren’t the only creatures with nine lives.

Thought I would go ahead and publish a bit of the serious today 🙂


Everyone has it happen. The ground opens up from under you in one fell swoop and you’re left to grasp for air and scratch your way back above ground in that grand way that lets you know one thing: Everything is not okay.

Don’t be fooled if you’ve escaped your serious portion of life so far. You’ll know hardship. When it happens to you accept that the measurement of your well-being is about to change. If today you’re doing well when the coffee drive-thru isn’t backed up and you get a good parking spot at work, when it gets serious it might be a good day to be able to walk to your car without crippling anxiety (if you’re challenge is something emotionally heavy), or falling down (if you’re tasked with a physical ailment). Accept that you won’t recognize the world you live in. You may even question if that old comfortable world you were living in was ever real.

What you do when it happens is the new measurement of your success in life. You either cling to old norms and ideas, scared to move on even if they are crumbling in your shaking hands, or you can reach up and grasp for new opportunities that are now open. Remember that the life that you had grown comfortable in was as constraining as it was secure. When everything that you were oh-so-sure-about no longer is a part of your world, light will shine on new possibilities. Like little gremlins, kernels of your new life will be waiting to be discovered from the sidelines. Make a decision. Which ideas you want to bring along in your new life? Pick those ideas up; keep moving.

You’ll have all of those gremlins to face, and at first it might be scary. Will you use this time for spiritual growth? Will you follow new dreams or careers? Will it be your opportunity to do that one thing that you never even told anyone you wanted to do? It will be your time to be even more brave and authentic than you can imagine. Which path will you now take if the one you’re on ends suddenly?

Remember, one day you won’t have a choice of going back to the security of the everything is all-right world you may be in now.  Your health might fail, your spirit might be crushed, a career could end, it doesn’t really matter what the exact situation is.  You can count on the unexpected. You may already be in a everything-is-not-all-right part of your life.

It may only take a minute to find your footing, it might take years to find your place again.

Know that it is coming.

Be brave.

Make a decision.

Move in that direction.

You’ll be ok.