52 weeks of gratitude – Week 7

Ok, so it’s week seven! It’s almost midnight on Sunday and it is admittedly harder to write today. It’s not that I’m not grateful, because I am. I was actually doing extremely well. Then I ate a cookie. So first I will start with the good.

I made the decision this year to forego new clothes for work. Usually I like to buy a new wardrobe to get myself set for a new year. This year I’m trying to not have that many clothes. The clothes that I do own I want to use until they need replacing, and then get something of quality that I will love to wear. This is the plan. This kind of freed up my spend-guilt and I decided to jump into apple land again and am now the owner of an apple watch. At first I didn’t see its full value other than an extension of the iphone, but through wearing it I see my daily habits are changing. The first is that I don’t have a need to check my phone that much. Anything important comes directly to my watch as a notification, and if it’s not important enough for that it waits. I don’t have to worry if I’m missing an important phone call or text because it will let me know. That part is very calming.

The other nice thing is the health app. I have been using a fitbit since they first came out, which I believe was around 1998. I loved it, and every time they came out with a new one I got it. Including the Force which caused a rather nasty rash. After that I went back to the fitbit one, but it never quite was exciting as having it on your wrist. The way that fitness works on the apple watch and on a Fitbit are very different, and in a perfect world I could bring back the flower that grows the more active you are, and the social aspects of Fitbit competing with steps with your friends.

My general impression of the way the activity tracker works on the Apple Watch is that it is much more useful at creating multiple habits. The three rings encourage movement, standing up throughout the day, and a calorie burn goal. I have found that already I am more active than I was counting steps overall on Fitbit.

I’m also using two other health apps, the Lose it app is fantastic. I hadn’t used it in a long time, so the added feature of being able to scan barcodes to enter foods on your phone was a nice addition. I’ve set a pretty intense goal, and being able to monitor my calorie deficit throughout the day helps me to make good decisions at meals. I’ve already lost weight in the three days that I’ve been using it. Granted, it’s the same 2-3 pounds I’ve been losing and gaining for months, but I am encouraged by it.

The other app I’m using is Lark, which is more of a general habit forming health app. So far it doesn’t focus on calories at all, just generalizations about health choices throughout the day. It’s nice because it makes suggestions based on what you’ve eaten or on sleep patterns. So far using the two of them together is a good balance for me.

So I’m running out of steam right now. I wil finish this post, but I’m grateful that I’m able to do something for myself. I know that I have a challenge ahead of me as far as getting my health on track, but I’m fortunate to have the tools to make it easier.