Trap-Neuter-Return part 4

Part of accepting responsibility for community cats by having them neutered and spayed is to have a place for them to live. Letting them live under the house where they were born seemed like a fine idea at first. However, it was brought up that we might pay the price of convenience by having a flea problem. So, the alternative is building a cat house.

The plans we got were from fivercats. The cost of the materials was about $100.00, but we actually spent about $200 because we bought some new tools. There are some prefabricated houses out there, but this one really does seem to be the most well thought-out house for outside cats. So my husband and I delved into building a cat house.

We spent about 2 hours making the house and roof, but we made a slight miscalculation so the roof isn’t fitting. It won’t be too hard of a fix, but we decided to rest on it and finish tomorrow. Pics to come!

Meanwhile our momcat “Scrugs” and two kittens “Sparkles and Princess” were chowing down in front of the house, and the other male cat came by tonight. I guess we’ll set the trap out for him.

It looks like more cat-house building might be in our future.