Trap-Neuter-Return part 2

So I called no-kill rescues. I only called two, truthfully. The second one told me that they get 60-70 calls a day from people in my situation. I didn’t want to put myself through continual rejection by calling every rescue in town, and frankly I didn’t want to bother them because they are doing a tough job and I knew that they couldn’t help. I needed another option. In the meantime my husband spotted yet a third kitten, and another male started hanging around the house. I needed my option quickly.

Being the queen of google, I discovered that there was a trap-neuter-return program in my area. I contacted them through facebook and have learned a ton about the process. It’s definitely the most responsible thing to do for adult cats. It’s not their fault that they are out there and shouldn’t be sentenced to certain death by trapping them and sending them to the county animal shelter. It’s actually the right thing to do for the kittens if you can not otherwise take them in and socialize them.

What I’ve learned is that it’s a time commitment to TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). I’m thankful that as a teacher I had a little bit of time. I’ve learned that there are traps out there that are better than the ones you find at the hardware store that are more humane for the cats, and that there are all sorts of different traps that can be used for different situations.

So after speaking with our local TNR leader, she came over to the house to drop off the traps. She had made appointments for three cats that Thursday, which gave me 3 days for the cats to get used to the trap before I used it on the last night.

Setting everything up wasn’t too hard, and they used them pretty much right away. Luckily they were all used to coming up to the porch and eating anyhow and didn’t seem too concerned about going in the trap.

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