This is not an epic day, but a good day

Joe and I headed out this morning to our local farmer’s market. It has been great to see the market expand from a few booths when we first moved to pensacola to the size that it is now. I picked up a jar of local gallberry honey as the one we had bought in December is finally almost gone. The crowd was pretty big today, so we didn’t stay that long.

I also whittled down some more of our clutter that is hanging around. I’m down to consolidating and making choices about giving away things that I actually still like. I am striving for only having those things that are essential to my happiness. Letting some things go will be an important step into doing that. So on the chopping block this week might be our record player and records, an xbox, and some neat decorative items that either don’t fit our decor anymore, or I just can’t find the right spot for.

I had other great plans for today, but mostly that was what was actually done.